Army Air Force Wings
We would like to thank all the folks listed below for all their help in the making of this website:                    

Gary Bullock , he has been just great. Gary was a flying buddy of Mac's and is an adopted member of the McDaniel
Clan. Be sure and check out Gary's new book.  The
Elsewhen Gene.  

Ray Burns for all his help in finding out who Mac's wingman was (it was Ray's uncle) on the day he became an
Ace in a Day.  Ray  has built his own website as a tribute to his uncle Lt Robert C Burns.  

Lt Harold P. Kick, a pilot with the 318th Fighter Squadron during the war, for all his help in figuring out what plane
it's a Dog" was.  

Mr Kevin McCray and his wife Gayle (Kerro) McCra
y for the great photos and information.  Gayle is the daughter of
John Kerro,  John was the crew chief on #69 P-51 Mustang "Penrod" and crew chief when"Penrod" became "Chinese

Salvatore Primiano CAVALLO
, our friend in Lesina Italy, that helped us figure out what all the photo's of Italy were.

Thank you all

Our connection to Mac and the 325th Fighter Group:  My wife of over 50 years, Sue, is Mac's daughter. Sue is
such a big part of this website.  She scanned all the pictures and proof reads everything, it helps to be married to
an English Major. We  made this website not just as a tribute to Mac and all of the McDaniel family, but also for all
the brave men and women that gave so much over 70 years ago. They changed the world.  My name is Frank
Connections and Credits