Model Airplanes                                                                                                                        

After the war Mac became interested in model airplanes.  He built them and flew them.  He also involved his
children and grandchildren in his hobby.  One of his grandsons
Derek became a pilot.   Mac also flew models
with good friends.  
Gary Bullock was one of Mac's flying buddies.  All of the pictures after the one of Mac and
Gary are Gary's pictures.  Gary is also involved in the ""
Checkertails: The Legend of the 325th Fighter
Group" project.  If you have time be sure and visit
Gary's website.

Some Information from Gary Bullock                                                                                                       

Just a few words about model planes:  RC did not become widely available till the late fifties.  Mac and I both
got acquainted flying “free flight” models, which simply put, fly by themselves, without any controls.  
They are trimmed to fly in circles, spiralling up till they run out of fuel, then gliding back down.  
This necessarily involves a BIG field, and some chasing, especially on a windy day.  We usually flew in the
fields on
Bemberg Road , which now of course are completely built up, with the shopping centers and the
Elizabethton High School .   

Those photos of Mac with Sue and the boys show free flight (FF) models, maybe rubber powered, I can’t tell.  
By the time I was about 16, we were trying rudimentary RC planes, and having a great time with them, even
though they had only one control (rudder).
Not Long after the war. Mac and
his children, his daughter Sue and
his son Macky on the right, Michael
the little one in the middle.
Mac's daughter Sue
and little brother Macky
Mac adjusting a plane
Daughter, Sue, Son, Macky
daughter, Sue, son, Macky
and new addition son, Michael
Mac many years later. His
grandsons Derek and Timmy
Mac with Derek, our son.  
Mac's grandson.  Mac teaching Derek
how to fly an R/C  plane.
Mac and Derek.  Derek now has his
Pilots License
Mac and Gary Bullock. Mac flew
model airplanes with Gary when Gary
was a young man.  He says he  still is.
Gary with RC F5D Skylancer, designed
and built by Gary, based on the plane
which was supposed to be the
successor to the Skyray, but only 4 were
built. Gary says: "flies beautifully, if I do
say so myself".
Model Mary Mac  #40
that Gary made
Close up of Mary Mac model
Gary made. Notice Mac's picture in
the cockpit
Mary Mac model in
Gary's office
Mil Nicholson (Gary's better half)
holding Mary Mac Model
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Jan 29, 2011, Derek teaching his son,
Mac's great grandson,
(almost two years old)
about model planes.
2011, Zoe, Mac's great grand daughter, (almost
five years old)
launching an R/C plane for her
Dad, Derek.  She is an excellent chaser and
launcher.  Zoe is our grand daughter.
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[+] click any image for a larger view
1949, Sue, Mac's daughter and
Zoe's grand mother,
(almost five
years old  when photo was made)

launching a model plane for her
Dad, She was an excellent
chaser and launcher..