Mac passed away in 1982. Mary, his wife, in 2002.
It was after Mary's passing that a group of pictures, Military Records
and old newspaper clipping
s were discovered that told of Mac's time in
the war. The memorabilia and documents were later divided up
between Mac and Mary's children.  I am sure all of it will be passed
down for many generations to come.

On this website we have done our best to put Mac's story together
from all the things that they had saved all those years. Most of the
pictures have not been seen for over 70 years.  Be sure and visit the
Gallery Section.  We have posted many Pictures for you to check out.  

Mac flew a
P-51 "Mustang"  fighter plane during WWII. He was a
member of the 325th Fighter Group, 318th Fighter Squadron.
They were known as the "Checkertail Clan".                            .
His plane, the "Mary Mac" #40 had red wing tips and a full checker-tail.
The Mary part of the planes name was a tribute to his
wife Mary and of
course the Mac part  was his nickname.
Army Air Force Wings
Lt Col Felix L Vidal     Lt. Gordon H. McDaniel
Click Here to see a video of take-off and flight in late-evening Italy of the Checkertail
Clan aircraft of Gordon McDaniel. Includes flying under a bridge at finale.
First Lieutenant (Air Corps) Gordon H. McDaniel
(ASN: 0-807583), United States Army Air Forces.  On 14 March 1945,
in the Mediterranean Theater of Operations,  First Lieutenant McDaniel
destroyed five German
FW-190 fighter aircraft  to become an "ACE" in a single day.
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Many of the men who saw actual combat in WWII seldom shared their war experience with anyone, not even
their wives or children. They were more likely to keep it to themselves. They did their job in the war and came
home.  Upon returning they went to work and built homes for their families, raised their children and lived their
lives.  Mac was one of those men.
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This is a true story of an American WWII Fighter Ace,  Lt Gordon H. McDaniel
of Sweetwater, Tennessee.  He was a member of the 325th Fighter Group,
the "Checkertail Clan". His friends called him Ma